SINUS engine valves is fully owned by Lachman Group.

The company has 80 years experience in producing internal Combustion engine vales.

Our valves are manufactured by the most advanced technology available the entire production, from the receipt of the raw materials and up to the actual shipment to the customer, is done at our factory at Kibbutz Massada ISRAEL.

SINUS is composed of the following departments: upsetting and forging, thermal treatment, machining (turning and grinding with a special-purpose machine,) friction welding, including a machine for checking and inspecting for 100% quality (bi-metal,) stellite welding, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, and hard chrome plating. This means that we are capable of answering any valve requirement, be it for passenger cars, trucks, industrial engines tractors, etc.

Our raw materials are imported from Europe and the United States from the leading factories in their fields and from which we purchase only the finest steel for producing our valves.

Presently, SINUS manufactures approximately 900 part numbers for small and medium batches for the following:
• High performance racing cars for the American and European market.
• A very wide range of heavy duty trucks for American and European types. • Tractors - American and European. • Industrial engines. • A wide range of American, European and Special valves for tank engines and • military combat • vehicles. The size limit of the valves is 62mm head diameter, 16mm stem diameter and 250mm length. minimum size 20mm Head, 4mm Stem, 60mm Length .

• In order to reduce friction, Sinus developed the brand name Snake skin supper finish

• Sinus developed engine valves for gas & biogas engine

Our quality control department uses strict standards, that required by the American O.E.M, the Israel Defense Forces, United States Army, high performance industries, and the standard Institution of Israel

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