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> Semi-Finished (Blank) Valves

For customers with machining, possessing and other treatment abilities, we offer the production of semi-finished valves, commonly referred to as blanks.

The most conspicuous advantage in stocking different sizes of semi-finished valves is the ability to provide a quick response to customers with non-commercial quantity requirements.
Blanks are usually stocked by various types of businesses, usually in the high performance engines and racing industries. Business such as engine tuning shops, engine re-builders, engine development firms and engine parts retailers are getting an added value from a product that is usable for different scenarios:

Custom made valves:
When a customer requires a custom made valve, according to his own definitions, stocking different sizes of blanks will allow any service providing business to easily locate a semi-finished size from which the end product will be processed and finished to the exact specifications that were presented by the customer.

Stock size valves are not available in stock:
Many businesses keep different ranges of OEM and Aftermarket valves in stock.
A very common scenario is when a customer steps in and asks for a single set of valves that is either low on stock or doesn’t exists in stock at all. Since it’s irrational to place a commercial order with the manufacturer just in order to provide good service and sell a single set to the customer, blanks are very handy for such scenario. If a wide range of blanks is available, all that is left to do is to locate the blank size form which the finished valve will be machined, processed and finished.

There are several variations of blanks compositions that are available for businesses with different finishing abilities, from standard to advance.
Standard blanks are usually made of 21-4N austenitic steel, either bi-metal welded or single piece forged, with or without a hard tip and with or without hard chrome plating.
Businesses that own more advance machinery and equipment can also perform coating treatments and other surface treatments.

Blanks are a great solution that will expand any business service providing ability if the necessary knowledge and equipment are in hand.