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The LACHMAN-GROUP was established in 1945.

Mr. Mordechai Lachman of blessed memory, who was a molding design and manufacturing specialist, has established M.Lachman Ltd factory and started producing different metal based parts and components for the Israeli national electricity company.

As time went by, Mordechai Lachman’s firstborn son, Yechiam Lachman of blessed memory, has joined the family business. Thanks to Yechiam’s professional distaffs and unique commercial perception and abilities, M.Lachman factory kept evolving.

Over the years, the factory has grown and expanded its production capabilities. Now, M.Lachman offers a wide range of products made using a variety of designated machines, tools and processes such as hot and cold forging, induction hardening, CNC puncturing, CNC bending, laser cutting and many more tin, copper and metal treatments.

M.Lachman clientele is consisted of private and governmental establishments such as Bezeq, Isreal national telephone company,
Israel national electricity company, Israel ministry of defense, leading electricity components wholesalers, large contractors and many more.

Nowadays, M.Lachman is operated and managed by Yechiam Lachman’s firstborn, Zohar Lachman.

The joining of Mordeachi Lachman younger sons, Doron and Erez, has lead to the foundation of a new factory and in the early 1970’s ADIM Ltd was established.

ADIM Ltd is a manufacturer of fire extinguishing equipment and accessories.

When established, ADIM has specialized in the production of fire extinguishing cabinets and wheel hoses.

Throughout the years, ADIM has positioned itself as one of the leading suppliers in the local Israeli market by adding to its products range all kinds of Automatic and portable, foam, powder, gas and CO² based fire extinguishers, starting at small 300 grams personal extinguishers and up to 50 Kg portable and wheeled, extinguishers.

Nowadays, ADIM supplies its brand products to approximately 50% of the local market share.

To facilitate the abilities to provide a full solutions to its crowd of customers, ADIM kept evolving and expanding its line of products and now also offers a full range of accompanied products such as fire hoses, couplers, hydrants, fire-blankets and a variety of fire fighting equipment.

ADIM Ltd is operated and managed by Mr. Erez "Razi" Lachman.

In 1989 the Lachman-Group had purchased HADAIKAN Ltd from "KOOR concern".

HADAIKAN Ltd was established in 1941 and produces automotive steering and suspension parts. The HADAIKAN products line is consisted from a variety of parts such as Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Stabilizer Links, Axial Joints, Axle Shafts, Hubs, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, King Pins, Wheel Nuts and Bolts and many more.
HADAIKAN specializes in the production, customization and upgrading of its parts for usage in heavy duty vehicles, buses, tractors, forklifts and military heavy duty applications.

HADAIKAN supplies steering and suspension parts to a wide range of customers from around the globe.

HADAIAKN holds and maintain its esteemed reputation for being a supplier of nothing but superior quality parts that on many occasions replace OEM parts due to their performance ability throughout significantly expanded lifespan.

In 1999 the Lachman-Group purchased SINUS Ltd.

SINUS Ltd was established in 1949 and is based in Kubbutz Massada.

SINUS Ltd specializes in the production of internal combustion engine valves.

SINUS specializes in the production of valves for high performance racing engines, heavy duty engines, diesel engines, marine engines, tractors and earth moving machines engines, industrial engines and passenger vehicle engines.

Both HADAIKAN and SINUS are operated and managed by Mordechai Lachman son, Doron Lachman.

In 2006 the Lachman-Group purchased electronic equipping machinery from A.C.A Ltd which was under receivership and a new electronic equipping department was founded.

The Electronic equipping department is a part of M.Lachman Ltd.

The new department significantly expanded M.Lachman manufacturing capabilities and products line. M.Lachman was exposed to new markets and quickly enough established a reputation of excellence in the production of electronic equipping products. the department operates machinery and equipment such as advanced laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines and CNC puncturing machines.

4 independent companies, all operated under same strong management, the ability of all four companies to back each other up in different of manufacturing fields and in engineering services, strong financial back, highly skilled staff of employees, strict quality control departments that verifies the all parts leaving the factories gates are nothing but flawless and the production under ISO 9001:2000 European standards that were qualified by the Israeli standards institute which is a part of the IQNET Network are just some of the facts that enables the Lachman-Group to take on almost every project in the metal parts industry today.