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September, 2009
BluePrint Racing, Inc to become exclusive SINUS valves distributor

BluePrint Racing, Inc was certified as exclusive distributor of SINUS Performance™ valves series for Honda and Acura sport compact applications.
BluePrint Racing, Inc will promote SINUS Performance™ designated series for engines such as Honda K20, K24,  B18C, B16C, F22 and others.

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October, 2008

SINUS announces the release of M.L.S.P coating

SINUS R&D team and coating development team has officially announced on the release of the recently of a new coating developed for SINUS valves.

Multi-Layer Separated Coating will be deposited on SINUS valves using its physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating department and will substantially enhance the valve’s wear resistance, high temperatures resistance and durability properties. Parallelly, the usage of the specially developed separated plasma source will bring to absence of micro-drops thus, creating a solid surface which means that friction coefficient is significantly decreased.

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