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SINUS Ltd is a leading, senior and experienced manufacturer of internal combustion engine valves.
The company was established in 1949 and is based in Kibbutz Massada, Israel.

SINUS engine valves are manufactured utilizing the most advanced technology available and the entire production, from the reception of raw materials and up to the shipment, is done in-house.

SINUS is composed of the following departments:
Upsetting and forging, thermal treatment, machining, turning and grinding with special-purpose machines, Friction welding including a machine for checking and inspecting for 100% quality bi-metal, stellite welding (PTA plasma transfer arc,) chrome plating department, surface treatment department including designated physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating machinery, QA and QC department, and packaging department.


SINUS valves raw materials are imported from leading factories in Europe and the United States, from which we purchase only the finest steels for the production of our valves.

SINUS is certified as an ISO 9001:2000 complying factory, certification that was granted and annually supervised by the Israeli Standards Institute (SII).
The SII certification is also recognized by the IQNET Network whom members are the most esteemed standards institutes in Europe.

In order to maintain superior product quality and the ability to provide our customers with innovating solutions in the field of engine valves, SINUS quality control department has lead strict production protocols that are backed-up by a strong management system.

Presently, SINUS manufactures thousands of part numbers at small, medium and large batches, for the following engines categories:

Low, Heavy and Extreme DutyTrucks
  Agricultural, Tractors and other earth mooving machines.
Generators and dustrial engines 
Passenger vehicles
Jeeps and SUV’s
Pickups and other light commercial vehicles
Marine applications
High performance racing engines
Natural Gas Engines  
Military, combat and tactical vehicles


SINUS carries an esteemed reputation among a worldwide range of customers, due to the proven ability to analyze valves breakdowns and present a modified version that will feature improved properties and rise above its genuine.

SINUS is honored to serve a wide range of satisfied customers from around the globe. We are providing our professional and friendly services to engine parts wholesalers, distributors, governmental establishments, defense forces, racing teams, engine development companies and many more.

SINUS annual production capacity at present is approximately 2,000,000 units.
Production time from receipt of an order and its conformation by the factory is approximately 30-120 working days. SINUS is set for immediate response when customers present a crisis based request. In such cases, production time is 2-3 weeks.


A highly skilled research and development (R&D) team keeps our technological pulse beating.
SINUS is the proud owner of the revolutionary SnakeSkin Superfinish – an innovating yet highly economical treatment that provides substantially decreased friction between the valve stem and valve guide.
The true magnitude of the SnakeSkin Superfinish is its ability to match and even excel the results of parallel existing treatments, at a substantially lower cost.

Our PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating facility, operated by experienced professionals, offers a wide range of in-house developed coatings, that increases SINUS solution providing ability and allows us to present customers with valves that will perform efficiently and durably even under the most boundary engine conditions.


Capacity, durability, flexibility, professionalism, over 60 years of collected knowledge and experience, high capabilities, strict quality standards, manufacturing and engineering collaboration with SINUS’s fellow subsidiaries as part of the Lachman-Group, a strong financial backbone, strong management and most important, a highly skilled staff of employees, titles SINUS as your ultimate source for superior quality internal combustion engine valves.