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> Extensive Projects Support & Guidance

SINUS engineering department can provide support, guidance and consultation and also to escort customers through projects that involves additional valve train parts or cylinder head parts, other the valves.

As in the vision and goals that inspires SINUS activities, and as in the fundamental principles that lead our operation, SINUS engineering department aims to provide customers with a diverse and extensive service as possible.

Highest Level Of Technical Support

SINUS engineering department is providing technical support at various engine valve fields.

Many existing and new customers are addressing SINUS with custom engine valves design requests, solutions for valves that experienced failure or caused an engine breakdown, upgrade and elevate the qualities of existing valves and more.

The professional attention that is dedicated by the department’s highly skilled personnel enables us to successfully comply with almost any request presented by a customer.

Another field of support is valves manufacturing techniques and valves related information. Nowadays, many businesses that stock engine valves are entering to the semi-finished (blank) valves market niche. Blanks are usually intended to provide a quick solution for customers that require custom made valves according to their specifications or when a specific OEM or Aftermarket valve is out of stock and then such valves can be machined and finished out of existing blank valve carrying similar sizes. Another advantage in stocking blanks is their relatively fair pricing.

Even though many businesses are inspiring to enter this niche, and despite the fact that such businesses are already equipped with the proper equipment to machine valves, they still lack the experience or confidence to approach and initiate an actual valve production stage. Treating semi-finished valves is not a complicated procedure for handy and skilled workers but still there are basic steps, tools and techniques that must be used otherwise either the valves or the equipment can be severely damaged.

SINUS engineering department personnel have escorted many of our customers throughout the stages of mastering the necessary techniques, selecting the proper tools and even the actual purchase of lathing machines and surface hardening machines.
Upon request, SINUS engineering department is also capable of providing such support at the customer’s location, no matter where the support seeking company is based.

Extensive Projects Support

Many of SINUS customers are dealing not only with valves but also in the assembly of complete valve trains and cylinder heads for non-standard application engines which efficiency, top performance and life span carries great importance to the owners.

For instance, SINUS customers that provide parts services to companies that run heavy and extreme duty trucks fleet, marine vesicles fleets, locomotives, industrial engines, generators and more, are always obligated to provide a quick, responsible and professional service and attempt to provide solution to any problem that accurse.

A repeating scenario is when SINUS engineering department is presented, by our customers, wit h their customers valves that either experienced failure, didn’t manage to perform as they should or either with an end customer engine that fails to perform in terms of capacity and lifespan.

SINSU engineering takes on the modification of the engine valves and will eventually present a superior valve that will perform under improved qualities of durability, wear resistance and life span. In cases that our customer informs us that the assembly of a cylinder head from upgraded parts, or that a replacement of valve train parts to upgraded parts is necessary, SINUS engineering will also support our customer with the other valve related parts by determining the required composition of such parts, basing on the scenario in hand, and will also coordinate the production of those parts by colleague manufacturers that we trust and relay on for such projects.

Eventually, the support provided by our engineering and the entire effort that will be made by our other departments, will enable our customer to provide a full range of solutions for his customers.

All engineering services are also available for establishments or private institutes that aren’t actually interested in the production of valves by SINUS. in such cases the addressing body will be charged for engineering support, depending on the sort of support that is required.

SINUS engineering department experience and extensive knowledge in the engine valves field are another aspect that titles SINUS as a high level engineering service provider that provide various and creative valves related solutions.