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> Research & Development (R&D)

SINUS research and development (R&D) team is operating in different engine valve fields. The vision that inspired and lead to the assembly of an R&D team at SINUS was to keep our “technological pulse” beating by adopting new technologies and be the first to implement them on valves, especially in the fields of coatings, special treatments and finishing treatments.

Our R&D team is consisted of engineering, quality control and production personnel so professional attention is given to all aspects when evaluating a new solution that we aim to implement on our valves.

The team is also responsible on the analysis and solution providing service that SINUS engineering offers to our customers.

Over the years we gained a reputation of excellence in the field of inspection and analysis of valves that experienced failure or causing to an engine failure that couldn’t be resolved by the customer.

SINUS engineering great knowledge and experience in the field of internal combustion engine valves enables our R&D team to provide such customers with a proper valve that features the necessary qualities that are required in order to perform at the anticipated efficiency, durability and lifespan.

We are proud to be titled as “solution providers” by many of our customers that chose to challenge us with various valve failures and engine breakdowns for which our R&D team provided a full solution, for the long run and under fair prices.