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> Stainless Steel Engine Valves

SINUS is set to produce replacement valves, commonly referred to as aftermarket valves.
We keep several designated production lines for such products. .

From the most basic definitions and up to advance metallic composition and finish grades, SINUS will present its customers with aftermarket valves at the highest quality possible, affordable prices and strong lead time.

We can produce our aftermarket valves according to customer specifications, compose our own specifications based on our knowledge, or match our aftermarket produc to the genuine ones.

SINUS aftermarket valves production is outputted according to our fundamental manufacturing, management and quality principles alongside to our strict European manufacturing standard certifications. We are self obligated to provide our customers with valves that will meet worldwide product standards. SINUS is unable to downgrade its valves materials, composition or finish grade, lower then the most basic definitions that complies with those standards.

SINUS aftermarket valves standard composition and finishing grad is highly recommended for most engine parts distributing companies.

SINUS Standard Aftermarket Intake (IN) Valve:

Material & Structure:           
Single piece forged SIL-1 (HNV3) martensitic Steel
Hard Chrome Plating
Fully machined valve head
Head Shape:

SINUS Standard Aftermarket Exhaust (EX) Valve:

Material & Structure:       Single piece forged 21-4N (EV8) austenitic steel
High Wear: SIL-1 (HNV3) hard tip
Coating: Hard Chrome Plating
Finish: Fully machined valve head
Head Shape: Flat/Dished

For engine valves distributors that requires valves with a lower finishing grade or different metallic composition then our standard aftermarket valves, SINUS is able to adjust accordingly by offering a more basic valves grade, which will meet European standards along with our strict internal manufacturing and quality standards.

Our extensive knowledge, experience and production techniques, along with a highly skilled and experienced staff, designated machinery and equipment, allows us to offer aftermarket engine valves at competitive prices and strong lead time, under the assurance of product excellence.