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> Titanium Engine Valves

SINUS offers specially designed titanium engine valves for its customers acting in the high performance racing industry.

SINUS titanium engine valves are produced using top quality TI alloys. The SINUS titanium valve presents substantially improved high wear and extremely high temperatures resistance to assure peak performance and increased durability and lifespan to the end user.

It’s a common knowledge within the racing industry that engine valves made of TI alloys, feature significantly short lifespan in comparison to their equivalents made of stainless steel.

SINUS goal was to once again redefine quality boundaries and present the global market with a product that will excel its competitors in terms of technical specifications and enhanced capabilities, while keeping the product’s price cost effective and competitive.

The end result of SINUS development is now lunched as the new addition to SINUS existing performance products series and is branded as Supreme Ti Performance Series.

The SINUS titanium engine valve features a careful selection of designated single or multi-layer coating such as chromium nitride (CrN) or titanium nitride (TiN), in order to enhance the valve’s wear and heat resistance properties.
The finishing process that substantially decreased the valve’s friction coefficient is the deposition of the highly successful and exclusive, SnakeSkin Superfinihs.

SINUS is set to produce its superior titanium engine valves for all high performance racing applications, from domestic European, Japanese or American applications, through popular motorcycle engines, and up to professional sport applications.

SINUS titanium valves can be produced at stock size, 0.5mm, 1.00mm or 5,00mm oversize, custom sizes, or under semi-finished (blank) structure.

Contact us today to present us with your titanium engine valves requirements and learn about SINUS Supreme Ti Performance Series price range.