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> Vision & Goals

The vision that dictated SINUS fundamental principles and credo upon establishment in 1949 is to provide engine valves consumers with exclusive, creative and innovating products while offering the highest levels of customer service, support and attention.

To facilitate the foregoing, SINUS employs only highly skilled professionals to populate the company’s various departments. SINUS uses state of the art manufacturing and quality inspection equipment, and even designs and constructs some of its own designated equipment and machinery, in order to comply with its strict self-dictated goals and to fulfill its vision.

SINUS vision has lead to increasing investments in the fields of R&D, product development, the evaluation and development of new manufacturing techniques, improvement of customer service abilities and development of new and exclusive customer service tools.

Ever since establishment, SINUS main goal was to redefine the term “Quality” for high-end engine valves consumers worldwide.


SINUS sets innovation and solution providing ability as a guiding goal. Throughout its 60 years of activity in the engine valves field, SINUS has built itself a reputation of excellence due to its continuous efforts to develop and present the market with innovating valves-solutions that manages to set higher expectation among a worldwide valves consumers crowd, that chose to title SINUS as their source for superior and unique engine valves.


SINUS sets professional, reliable and friendly customer service as one of its grates virtues. SINUS ability to provide advance customer services, engineering support services, close and immediate attention, and constant availability, has created a fixed yet dynamic work environment and relations between SINUS and its range of satisfied customers.

SINUS continuously invests in the intensification of its technological pulse beats. Development of new, improved and user-friendly customer service tools is taking a major part of the foregoing efforts, investments and managemental decisions.

SINUS aspiration to provide its customers with the highest level of optimized customer services, has recently lead to the lunch of SINUS online customer service platform: “MyValves”. The online platform is offering a verity of online customer service and engineering tools, intended for the welfare of existing customers that wishes to relocate their business correspondence with SINUS to a secured online arena, and for new customers that wishes to establish business relations with SINUS through their online account.


SINUS set its exclusion from fellow valves manufacturing companies, by emphasizing its ability to provide customers with professional engineering support services.
As part of SINUS ambitious goals and guiding vision, SINUS engineering personnel strongly believes, that the ability to manufacture the product, is only one bit of the actual service to the customer.

SINUS engineering staff is set to provide product development services using its internal R&D department, product upgrade and re-design services, and reverse engineering services.

Since SINUS acts only in the field of engine valves, SINUS engineering staff, in collaboration with its fellow departments within SINUS, is able to provide projects administration services, for customers who appoint SINUS to be in charge of supplying them with a wider array of cylinder head or valve-train components, that are not produced by SINUS but by fellow manufacturers and are up to the highest standards. Such services are currently granted to SINUS customers that act in the field of racing engine development, racing teams, governmental institutes mainly dealing with heavy duty or military applications engines, and companies that provide parts services for special mobile and stationary industrial engines.