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"Over 50 Years Of Cummins® Engine Valves Manufacturing"

Extensive production experience and great engineering knowledge with Cummins® engine valves, titles SINUS as your manufacturer of choice, for Cummins® valves.

SINUS can offer production of Cummins® engine valves according to OE definitions, dimensions, and specifications, alongside to customized requirements, upgraded specifications to suite customer market needs, and with compliance to SINUS Heavy Duty Valves Series™ specifications.

Definate Solution: Valves for Cummins® NG Engines:

One of today’s global common phenomenon that exists in natural gas driven engines, is extensive wear, decreased productivity & functionality, and incredibly short lifespan of the cylinder head valves.

The conversion of diesel and petrol engines into natural gas is the main business of numerous companies in almost every country. Such companies came to realize that in most engines, OEM valves fail to function as should due to the radical conditions generated in NG engines.
The direct outcome is substantially decreased engine run time and frequent engine maintenance activity, causing this economic engines, to be everything but economic.

NG engines and converted diesel engines are highly common in heavy duty trucks, earth moving equipment, marine vesicles, stationary industrial engines and generators, where Cummins® engines are a common choice.
Despite of Cummins® great reputation, the same functionality decreasing valves symptoms apply and valvetrain component are frequently replaced during cylinder head maintenance.

SINUS Green Series™ offers a definate valves solution for both converted diesel and OE natural gas engines by Cummins®.
SINUS Green Series™ is a well implemented solution, provided for numerous heavy duty NG engines such as MTU, Mercedes Benz, MAN, Cummins, DEUTZ, and more.
With SINUS Green Series™ valves, your Cummins® engine runtime, durability, performance, efficiency, and periodical maintenance, will finally comply with the specifications defined by the engine manufacturer.

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