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> SINUS Solution For Heavy Duty Engines


A heavy duty engine is expected to output peak performance and provide top mechanical efficiency, for long durations of operation. In order to maintain the vehicle’s designation, that usually carries a commercial importance for its operator, the usage of designated cylinder head components is essential.

SINUS valves series designated for heavy duty engines, was designed basing on SINUS extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the production of valves of such designation.


It is a common fact that valves, designated for use in Trucks, Trailers, Buses and Coaches, are subjected to rough and sometimes even boundary engine conditions that challenges the engine valve’s wear, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability properties.


To design, metallurgy-compose, and produce a designated product that features enhanced properties and longer lifespan, cost effective price, all in order to present an ultimate solution.


SINUS H.D (Heavy Duty) Series Valves feature enhanced wear, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and provide the end user with a far more durable and longer lasting component that will efficiently perform under the conditions outputted by the H.D engine in which it is installed.

SINUS H.D Valves feature a Bi-Metal structure meaning the valve’s head material and stem material are different.
The Valve head material is made of 21-4N (EV8) Austenite steel. The valve stem is made of SIL-1 (HNV-3) Martensite steel that also constitutes a hard tip for the valve stem end.
The valves head seat area is faced with Stelite #6 (PTA) in order to enhance the valve’s wear resistance property and prevents the valve’s face from deforming.
SINUS H.D valves feature standard hard chrome plated. In oppose to most of SINUS designated solutions and product series, the H.D series is not coated with a PVD coating in order to maintain a relatively low cost.
The finishing process is superfinishing with SINUS signature process, SnakeSkin Superfinish®, which purpose is to create an oil observing layer on top of the valve stem area, causing to substantially decreased friction between the valve stem and valve guide, and significantly improve the valve surface topography.

For SINUS customers that handles engines featuring abnormal conditions, SINUS engineers recommends on the deposition of a selected PVD coating, either CrN or TiN, in order to provide ultimate wear and high temperatures resistance. The deposition of a physical vapor coating will increase the product’s price.


SINUS H.D Series is constantly provided to SINUS customers from around the globe.
SINUS most extensive experience is in the production of designated valves for the following applications: