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> SINUS Solution For Stationary & Portable Industrial Engines


Poppet valves of stationary and portable industrial engines are commonly subjected to boundary conditions in terms of combustion temperatures, high wear, corrosion and lubrication.
SINUS valves series designated for stationary and portable industrial engines, was designed basing on SINUS extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the production of valves for such designation.


Basing on SINUS customers indication and ongoing global feedbacks provided by engine operators, tuners & mechanics, engine parts wholesalers and official O.E parts distributors, it has been established that various aftermarket valves and sometimes even O.E valves, subjected to the aforementioned boundary engine conditions, fail to efficiently perform, causing engine breakdowns, failures and capacitate substantially decreased operation time and lifespan, contrary to the original engine manufacturer definitions. Secretary


To design, compose and produce a designated intake and exhaust engine valves that will outfit the global market with a reliable, promising and cost effective solution.


SINUS designated valves for industrial engines feature substantially improved properties of high wear resistance, extremely high temperatures resistance, fatigue, high corrosion resistance, and smooth surface topography that provides decreased friction between the valve stem and valve guide.
SINUS engineers found that the combination of nickel superalloys such as Inconel X-751 or Nimonic N80/90 as the valve raw material, and a careful selection of designated physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating, constitute an ultimate solution for industrial engine valves.
SINUS engineers also indicate that such valves, when superfinished with SINUS signature friction decreasing and oil reservoir creating process, SnakeSkin Superfinish®, can capacitate significantly increased lifespan, enhanced durability, and peak perform even under the most boundary lubrication conditions, for long operation periods.