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> SINUS Solution For Marine Engines


Valves for marine engines are usually subjected to extensive engine conditions that challenge the valves high temperatures resistance property, wear resistance property and corrosion resistance property.

Due the multitude valve configurations offered by various aftermarket manufacturers, the functionality of marine engine valves was substantially decreased and many consumers report of valves failure, low durability, engine breakdowns, and substantially decreased engine lifespan that doesn’t match O.E.M definitions and specs.

Evidentially, marine engines must function efficiently, for long periods of operations, and perform at their peak, hence, the usage of designated engine components, valves especially, is essential.

SINUS is well experienced in the production of valves for marine engines and supplies its range of designated products for customers throughout the globe.


Marine engines produce conditions and overall engine environment that are considered to be boundary for poppet valves, hence requiring specially designed and configured valves.

Due to multiple contact by customers acting in the field of marine engines, describing valves failures, breakdowns, and/or substantially decreased valve lifespan that leads to shorter periods of cylinder head parts replacement, SINUS engineering department was asked to investigate the common denominator of all valves failure presented and present a designated product that shall constitute a solution for customers worldwide.


To present global consumers with a far durable set of valves that shall be configured of designated materials, coatings and finishing processes, incorporating additional valve strength empowering processes, to assure substantially increased lifespan and optimum functionality under the extreme engine conditions to which the valve is subjected. It has been defined that the solution offered by SINUS shall carry cost-effective characteristics in order to constitute a solution that is global and can be afforded by all consumers seeking for a durable product.


The solution designed by SINUS engineering department was divided into two grades, each capable of handling a certain mass of boundary conditions, depending on the engine in which the valves are due for installation.

The first grade offered by SINUS engineering presents a unanimous configuration. Both Intake and Exhaust valves are forged out of 21-4N Austenite steel, have a hard tip made of SIL-1 (HNV3) Martensite steel, hard chrome plated stem, fully machined valve head, Stelite faced seat, and both are finished with SINUS signature friction reducing solution – SnakeSkin Superfinish™.

The more advance grade offered by SINUS engineering is considered to be a superior version.
Both Intake and Exhaust valves are configured of Bi-Metal structure, combining Nickel Superalloy such as Nimonic N80A or Inconel X-751 for the valve head production. The valves are coated with Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technique. The valves are superfinished with SINUS signature friction reducing solution - SnakeSkin Superfinish™.

Both grades, be it the O.E improved grade or the superior grade, were planned, designed, configured and produced while “cost-effective” is the leading guideline.

SINUS Marine Valves series is an ultimate, cost-effective and promising solution for all marine engines.