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> SINUS Solution For Military Engines


The engines of military applications such as armored tanks, APC, Tactical Operation Vehicles, and other combat and assault motors, perform under abnormal conditions and are expected to capacitate peak performance and mechanical efficiency. It is essential that top quality components are used for the installation of such applications cylinder heads.

SINUS, a leading supplier of several governmental defense forces, was asked to develop a specially designated set of valves that will provide improved product efficiency, durability and increased product lifespan.
SINUS specially designed valves for such engines, feature significantly enhanced wear and high temperatures resistance properties which elevates the product’s lifespan and ability to perform at it peak throughout long hours of engine operations under the extreme conditions outputted by such engines.


As part of SINUS fluent relations with its military customers, SINUS engineers ware informed that the engine valves, installed in Tanks and A.P.C cylinder heads, are experiencing high wear and requires constant replacement in order to prevent engine failures or breakdowns. The most common reason for the extremely high wear applied on such valves, are the extremely high temperatures to which the valves are exposed, mainly during the exhaust operation.


To present governmental defense forces and establishments dealing with engine components for military motors, with a product that can be defined as an ultimate solution, and feature enhanced properties of high wear, extremely high temperatures, and corrosion resistance. The foregoing is intended to present substantially increased product lifespan and the ability to perform under the roughest engine conditions.


Extremely promising yet confidential due to the market sector for which this designated solution was developed.
Governmental establishments, Defense Forces and Private companies acting in the field of military engines, may contact SINUS for technical information and elaborated explanation about this solution.