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> Chromium Nitride (CrN) Coating


Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating is deposited on SINUS valves using physical vapor deposition (PVD) process.

Alongside to improved wear resistance and high corrosion resistance properties, the most conspicuous highlight of the Chromium Nitride coating, is its ability to significantly increase the valve’s heat resistance property.
SINUS Chromium Nitride coating has proven itself as a remarkable solution for valves that are subjected to extreme engine temperatures and expected to durably perform under such conditions for long term usage.

Chromium nitride coating deposition improves yet another important valve property - the friction coefficient.
Engine valves treated with chromium nitride coating will feature noticeably decreased friction between the valve’s stem and the valve guide.

SINUS designates the Chromium Nitride coating deposition, on valves intended for high performance racing engines, turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, heavy duty and industrial diesel engines, natural gas engines, and any other engine which valves are subjected to increasing temperatures.

SINUS Chromium Nitride coating color is subjected to the customer’s choice and can be presented in shiny silver, black or deep dark purple color.


 Extremely high corrosion resistance at extremely high temperatures
 Substantially decreased friction between the valve stem and valve guide.
 Extremely high engine temperatures resistance
 Extremely high wear resistance. 
 Increased durability and lifespan.
 High hardness level of up to 1400HV 
 Color selection: shiny silver | black | deep dark purple