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> M.L.S.P™ Coating - MultiLayer Separated Plasma


M.L.S.P coating is the latest innovating development by SINUS R&D and its coating development departments.

Multi-Layer Separated Plasma (M.L.S.P) enables the incorporation of existing coatings properties achievements and new coatings that features extremely low friction and wear coefficient, by creating several thin film coatings layers, deposited using SINUS physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating facility.
The creation of multiple coating layers means that the distinctive technical properties and characteristics of each coating involved in the process are incorporated.
The ability to provide an engine valve that unites such a wide range of quality improving properties, allows SINUS to present customers with a verity of creative and customized solutions in the field of internal combustion engine valves.
In addition to the innovating nature of multi-layer coating, the deposition process is carried out using yet another innovating development, presented by SINUS coating development team.

The deposition process is performed using the recently developed separated plasma source which main highlight is the absence of micro drops throughout the tribological coating process.
The most conspicuous benefit of the tribological coating process is the providence of a solid surface over the top layer, and so, substantially decreased friction coefficient is obtained.

MLSP allows SINUS to present the global automotive industry in general, and companies that act in the field of engine valves in particular, with a new generation of internal combustion engine valves.


   Extremely high corrosion resistance at high engine temperatures

   Substantially decreased friction between the valve stem and valve guide

   Extremely high engine temperatures resistance

   Extremely high wear resistance

   Hardness level of 3000HV

   Color selection: Dark grey or deep dark purple