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> Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating


Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating is the recommended treatment when the enhancement of the valve’s wear resistance property is required.

SINUS coating professionals, that operates SINUS physical vapor deposition (PVD) department, have come up with a well adjusted and customized Titanium Nitride coating that elevates the valve hardness level to 1600HV and thus, significantly increasing the valve’s wear resistance property.
In addition, the Titanium Nitride coating also substantially improves the valve’s high corrosion resistance and durability properties.

SINUS recommends on Titanium Nitride coating, to be deposited on valves that are intended for use in high performance engines, serving in long duration racing such as lap racing or WRC racing, as in such the engine is running at high RPM for a long period of time, and the valves are expected to perform at their peak for the entire race duration.
The Titanium Nitride coating is also highly recommended for heavy duty, industrial, military, or any other engine, which operation is for a long period of time, and highly durable engine components are essential.

SINUS Titanium Nitride coating is presented in shiny golden yellow color.


 High corrosion resistance
 Extremely high wear resistance
 Decreased friction between the valve’s stem and valve guide 
 Significantly extended lifespan
 Highly durable
 High hardness level of 1600HV. 
 Golden yellow color.