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> SINUS Solution For High Performance Racing Engines


SINUS is the engine valves supplier for a wide range of customers acting in the high performance racing scene.
SINUS has been producing its engine valves for high performance racing engines since it was established in 1949.

It is a common fact that the engine conditions created in such engines requires designated parts, emphasizing on the Cylinder Head and Valetrain areas.
From street performance through amateur racing teams and up to professional F1, rally, drag and oval racing teams, installing the engine with designated and superior Valvetrain components that will allow the engine to reach peak performance on one hand, and extend the parts replacement period to the maximum duration possible, is a necessity.

In term of poppet valves, it is essential to install race engines with an empowered product that features enhanced wear, durability and heat resistance properties.
SINUS engineering and coating development departments perform constant R&D activities in order to keep innovating, and present the global high performance racing market with new and improved engine valves that will constitute a custom solution for customers acting in the global racing scene.


Engine valves installed in high performance racing engines did not feature the required properties in order to resist boundary conditions set by the engine operation method and engine environment. The properties were targeted for improvements are the high wear resistance and high temperatures resistance, emphasizing on weight reduction on Intake valve and high temperatures resistance on the exhaust valve.


To present parts vendors, amateur and professional teams that act in the global high performance racing scene with a designated product that will be divided into several product series, each offering a certain improvement that suits the designation of the customer’s engine.


SINUS presents the global market with several product series that features valve-based solution for any high performance engine available in the global market today.

SINUS High Performance Engine Valves mini-site present an elaborated explanation on each and every product series.

The SINUS product series are varying from standard high performance engine valve composition and materials, and up to special materials, designated coatings and signature superfinishing processes that will present end users with a superior product.